Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 2pm

The video of the premiere of the contestants’ recordings will be broadcast on the Youtube channel and the Competition website, as well as on the Faculty’s Facebook page. The results will be announced after the video premiere of the discipline.

The organizer reserves the right to change the dates and schedules, of which the public will be informed in a timely manner.



Applications for the competition are completed!
Applications received after February 8, 2021 (23:59) will not be considered!


The Application and accompanying documentation should be sent to

In the Subject of the e-mail, it is obligatory to state the discipline, category, name and surname of the competitor (in that order).

1. Application form (word)

Accompanying documentation

2. One color photo of the competitor in high resolution minimum 2000px

3. Confirmation of the registration fee payment to the organizer’s bank account number


Video recording
1.1. The video recording registration is submitted in the application form via the google drive link – without any time limit of keeping the contents set (indicate the exact start time of each composition).
1.2. All recordings of the compositions, within the estimated time, should be sent merged into one video in format prescribed by the propositions.
1.3. Videos of the compositions can be from different locations, taken in the previous 2 years.
1.4. Playback or post-production of audiorecording is not allowed
1.5. Video format: MP4, minimum resolution HD Ready 720p (1280×720px), 24mps, 16:9 rate, in landscape format (not portrait). Higher resolution is allowed but a 16: 9 rate must be maintained.
1.6. Do not add additional visuals in the video (text, animation, etc.)
1.7. File name: Discipline_Category_Competitor,s name and surname (Example:Piano_VI_Marko_Markovic.mp4)
1.8. The cadre must be stable and the competitors must be seen at all times.

Video recommendations and tips
– If you are recording, by camera, photo camera or mobile phone, we recommend using a tripod for camera for the sake of the recording stability. Do not record by hand.
– Be careful to avoid noise of any kind.
– Avoid pointing the light source at the camera.
– Use enough light so that the video is not dark.


Registration fee

I, II – 20 EUR
III, IV – 25 EUR
V, VI – 30 EUR
VII – 35 EUR


Deposit slip

User: Faculty of Arts in Niš

IBAN: RS35840000000024579055, University of Niš Faculty of Arts, KneginjeLjubice no.10, Niš, Serbia

SWIFT: NBSRRSBGXXX, National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Belgrade, Nemanjina 17, Serbia, DEUTDEFFXXX,

Deutsche Bank AG, F/M, Taunusanle 12, Germany

Purpose of payment: Registration fee for Competition Constantine the Great Niš


The program for all categories is of free choice, from different stylistic epochs of the classical music opus..



I – 2010 and younger – program lasting up to 4 minutes
II – 2008 and younger – program lasting up to 6 minutes
III – 2006 and younger – program lasting up to 8 minutes
IV – 2004 and younger – program lasting up to 10 minutes
V – 2002 and younger – program lasting up to 12 minutes
VI – 2000 and younger – program lasting up to 14 minutes
VII – 1998 and younger – program lasting up to 16 minutes
VIII – no age limit – program lasting up to 18 minutes


Evaluation of Competitors

The jury evaluates the competitors by giving points, the lowest number being 10 and the highest 100.
The sum of the jury points is divided by the number of jury members, giving the final points number.



First prize: 93-100 points
Second prize: 86-92 points
Third prize: 80-85 points
Commendation: 70-79 points

The decisions of the Jury are final.


The organizers of the International Competition, Constantine the Great, is the Faculty of Arts in Niš, the University of Niš and the City of Niš.

The competition is completely realized via the Internet and in accordance with the Competition Rulebook (pdf).

The number of prizes awarded by the Jury is not limited.

All the awarded competitors will be given diplomas by e-mail, and within each discipline are determined – a special award called the Competition Grand Prix (100 points) and the discipline Laureate (97-100 points) who receive a cup in addition to the diploma. If more competitors from different disciplines win the maximum number of points, the Grand Prix is awarded to the youngest.

The Professor / Mentor with the highest number of high-ranking competitors receives the diploma the Professor of the Competition.

The video of the laureates will be broadcast on 3rd June on the University of Niš website and the City of Niš website, in honour of the City of Niš celebration – St. Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena.

The media coverage of the whole project is provided by the organizer.

The results will be published on the site, according to the calendar of events.

November 2020 Announcing the Competition
January 31, 2021 Deadline for Application

Submitting an official Application for the Competition means complete and unconditional accepting the Competition program and conditions, that is, the right to copy, publish and communicate, or present their work /recording in printed and electronic media, publish it on the Facebook page of both the Competition and the Faculty of Arts in Niš. This right has no geographical or time limit. The submitted material and the paid registration fee cannot be refunded.


Danijel Cerović


Milkica Ponjavić


Đani Šehu


Vesna Petković


Neno Munitić



Sara Bulić


I category

Ilvana Zorlak

Bosnia and Herzegovina

I category

Marta Pešut


II category

Irene Sfyraki


II category

Roko Tomas


II category

Gînscă-Nistea Nichita


II & III category

Lucija Žulj


III category

Nikos Vasilakos


III category

Emanuel Gaggiano


IV category

Sofija Sviderski


IV category

Vasco Ferreira Grãos


IV category

Andrei Pitu


IV category



Gînscă-Nistea Nichita




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