According to historians, Constantine the Great was born in 273 or 274 in Niš. He reformed the Roman Empire and paved the spiritual path to the Christians. What Constantine the Great has left to future generations is the Edict of Milan, which is the universal and general civilization heritage actual at any time. The Edict has the power to overcome every kind of spatial difference, as it opens the way to science, culture and the arts. We must cultivate his civilization heritage based on tolerance, as this is the only way to preserve the dignity.

The International Competition Constantine the Great is organized via the internet, connecting today billions of people around the world. The Internet, as a means and product of technological advancement, is highly important in social and cultural processes. Such a concept of competition allows for the presence of competitors without great financial investment, removes all geographical barriers, opening the possibility for pupils, students and artists from all over the world to participate. The Jury of the Competition Constantine the Great is consisted of the world-class eminent artists. The Competition is held in in a year-round cycles with the aim of developing, affirming young artists and strengthening international cultural relations, and is ended with the Gala concert and exhibition of the laureates, organized in honour of the City of Niš celebration – St. Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena, from 1st -3rd June.

The organizer of the competition – the Faculty of Arts of the University of Niš, aside from its educational activity, has also its highly important artistic activity in the fields of music, visual arts and applied arts. The Faculty was granted the highest city award – “January 11” as a sign of recognition of its mission of spreading and affirming high artistic values. The Faculty policy to engage world-class eminent artists as guest professors and permanent hosting of master courses and workshops, contribute to the growing reputation of the Faculty, the University and the City of Niš in the wider academic and social community. The Faculty is the publisher of a large number of scientific publications, journals and audio editions.

Let us show our tolerance and spiritual strength by means of works expressed through art.


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