Strašo Temkov

Strašo Temkov is one of the most successful musicians within his generation. The talent, the will for artistic accomplishment led him to various concert stages where he performed as a soloist with orchestras (Macedonian Philharmonic, French-American Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra of the Macedonian Philharmonic, Macedonian Chamber Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra “Amoroso”…). Temkov is a member of Macedonian Woodwinds Quintet, renowned chamber ensemble, along with the Trio Aura. He has also performed at numerous music festivals: Ohrid Summer Festival, Autumnal Musical Festivities, Skopje Summer, Days of Macedonian Music (Macedonia), Apollonia Arts, Salon of the Arts (Bulgaria), NIMUS, LEDAMUS (Serbia), Espressivo, Barski Ljetopis, International Chamber Music Festival in Nikšić (Montenegro), also festivals in Croatia, Italy, France, UK and USA. He belongs to a small group of few, rare Macedonian musicians, that performed in Carnegie Hall (New York), one of the finest concert halls in the world. Temkov’s repertoaire spans from baroque to contemporary music and he aspires to promote new pieces for flute, both Macedonian and all over the world. He made two CD releases with pianist Marija Vrškova, produced by MMM and Directorate of Culture and Art -Skopje Summer. Strašo Tremkov is a jury member of most fameous competitions, both domestic and international. His striking style of interpretation brings him to winning the most important prize: Golden Lyra, acquired for exceptional artistic achievements and given by Alliance of Macedonian Music Artists.

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