Ljubinko Lazić

Ljubinko Lazić, MA (1979) is an Associate professor at the Faculty of Arts in Niš and Belgrade Philharmonic solo double bass. He has obtained his education in Novi Sad, Cetinje, Munich and Zurich. During his studies at the Higher School of Music in Munich (Hochschule für Musik in Munich), in the class of prof. dr Klaus Trumpf, he participated as a soloist and a chamber musician in numerous competitions and festivals around the world, winning prizes and awards. He won the special awards exclusively at national competitions in 1996, 1998. He was declared the best student at the University of Montenegro (in the field of ​​Arts) in 2001. In 2002, 2004, 2006 – International Competition Johan Matthias Sperger in Germany. In 2002 – František Gregor in the Czech Republic. In 2004 – Franc Simandol in Brno. In 2003 – European Prize for the best quartet. He has played with many orchestras: Bavarian Radio Orchestra, Zurich Opera, Vitemberg Chamber Orchestra, International Chamber Orchestra of laureates (I Palpiti), in Hollywood, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Philharmonic of Nation Justus Frantz, Slovenian Musical Youth Orchestra, Munich Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra Bad Reichenhall, Passau, Augsburg, Würzburg. He has been a participant in Schleswig-Holstein Festival in Germany, the festival in Seoul, South Korea, the Festival in China and Japan, the Tango festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Lucerne Festival in Switzerland, Stavanger Festival in Norway, Regensburg summer festival, Barski Ljetopis, Meklenburgforpolman, Kadakues (Spain), Bach festival in Fulda. With his double bass quartet Bassiona Amorosa, he won the European award for the best quartet in 2003 and the Echo Classic Award in 2014, thus having his appearance, as the culmination of his playing chamber music, in the large hall of Carnegie Hall in New York, Isaac Stern auditorium. After completing his postgraduate studies in Munich, he spent several seasons at the Zürich Opera and Wuerttemberg Chamber Orchestra, with which he still performs. He attended master classes abroad with the most eminent pedagogues: M. Gajdoš, V. Cajbih, R. Ibragimov, T. Martin, P. Aksamit I. Olkievich, P. Bagovska, M. Jelinek, E. Levinson, S. Schafer, A. Egilson, F. Proto D. Mizer, L. Rakov, F. Rabat. As a soloist, he has performed with Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Munich, Heilbronn and Osnabruck, Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra and Russian opera orchestra from Perm. He has also performed with famous musicians, such as: P. Domingo M. Vengerov,E. Schmieder, R. Patkolo, E. Krap. Ljubinko Lazić belongs to a new generation of versatile musicians, whose aim is to, in addition to the standard orchestral playing, develop a special style of solo and chamber music at similar, stringed instruments, strings and instruments with a pick. The repertoire of Lazić for a double bass, providing a new teaching methodology of playing and a special methodological approach, becomes an equal instrument with all the other solo and orchestral works, make the works of many epoches, trends and genres: Baroque, Romantic concertos, suites, sonatas, as well as modern compositions dedicated to this instrument. He has got  a dozen discs recorded with the ensemble Bassiona Amorosa, the trilogy with the ensemble Beltango, trio with Nemanja Bogunović, one-year participation in the creation of the ninety-minutes cinema documentary film about the members of the Quartet, over seven hundred concerts, numerous appearances on radio and television, as well as disk selected music for the tamburitza and piano.

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