Jelena Jakovljević

Jelena Jakovljević (1983) finished high school in Niš in the class of prof. Slavica Jovanović. She studied at the Faculty of Music Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade and graduated in 2007 with the highest grade in the main subject. In 2008, she received an award from the “Jakov Srejović” fund for the generation best graduate student. She received her PhD from the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade in 2016, defending the topic of her doctoral art project Changes in Flute Sound and Technique in the Romantic Age. In the seasons 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 she was employed as the first flute of Niš Symphony Orchestra, after which she has been often hired as a part-time member. Since 2017, she has been regularly engaged in the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra from Podgorica and Makris Symphony Orchestra from Belgrade. She has performedin these orchestras successful concerts and collaborations with eminent conductors: S. Dinić, D.G. Moles, A. Andreev, Le Fi Fi, A. Sadiković, G. Minopoli, I. Karabcevski, I. Sanchez, J. Rusu, M. Tarbuk, N.M. Orešković, P. Gosta, S. Kostić, I. Mirović, Z. Stanisavljević, M. Ivanković, G. Krasko, B. Sudjić, D. Savić, V. Šouc, D.M. Marović, S. Simeonov and others. She has performed several times as a soloist with NSO in Niš, performing concerts for flute and orchestra by W.A. Mozart, K.F.E. Bach, J. Haydn, K. Stamica and S. Mercadante. On that occasion, she has collaborated with conductors: A. Novicki, Le Fi Fi, R. Pejčić, M. Injac. She was a participant in National Concert Season 2008, organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia and under the auspices of the President of the Republic. As a soloist, chamber and orchestral performer, she has performed in cities across the country and abroad, as well as at renowned music festivals: Mokranjac days, Nimus, Somus, Bemus, Riva del Garda Music Festival (Italy), Autumn Music Festival in Skopje ( N.Macedonia), 62nd Festival of Music and Ballet Teachers of Serbia, Music Summer in Vrnjci Spa, Flute Fest in Belgrade, Flute Festival Tahir Kulenović in Valjevo, May-month of music in Vranje and others. She has attended master classes of eminent flutists of today: O.Nicole, E.Paji, P.L.Graf, P.Tabalione, A.Adorian, G.Han, A.Kahenberg, S.Karedu, D.Gavrić, G.fon Bar , M.Kofler, J.Galway, T.Way, K. McCall, A.Kahenberg, M.Debost, O.Delezh, V.Lukas, M.Bekavac, M.Zupan, A.B. Radiš, M. Nenadović, G. Marinković, F. Rengli, Lj.Jovanović. Since 2008, she has been working as an assistant at the Faculty of Arts, University of Niš, at Wind instruments department, in the main subject-flute. In 2015, she acquired the title of Assistant professor, and then in 2020 she was promoted to Associate professor.

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