Alessio Nacuzi

Alessio studied at Cagliari’s Conservatory where he got the violin diploma in the class of I. Coretti (founder of C.E.I. orchestra). Meanwhile he studied classical violin with A. Moccia and played in the Jeune Orchestre Atlantique under the direction of Herreweghe. In 1998 he entered in “Liszt” Academy in Budapest where he studied violin in the class of A . Kiss (head of string department and solo violin of Hungarian National Orchestra) and A . Csontha (solo violin of Budapest Opera and Festival Orchestra), chamber music in the class of S . Devich (founder of Bartòk quartet) and violin pedagogy in the class of G . Kapas. In 2001 he came back to Italy and studied for two years with G. Franzetti (solo violin of Teatro alla Scala). In 2005 Alessio moved to Brussels where he studied in the class of K. Sebestyen (head of string department) and Marek Kowalski. In 2006 he got the violin master degree “with distinction”. During the academic studies he also had the possibility to take part to masterclasses with: T. Varga, G. Pauk, E. Grach, Gy. Stuller, C. Rossi, F. Cusano, F. Mezzena. Particularly interested in teaching, he made a big research in Budapest Academy’s Library, where he found an incredible treasure: almost all the existing books of violin pedagogy. Since then Alessio continue keeping informed about all developments of violin pedagogy and violin technics. In “Liszt” Academy he got in touch with the great Hungarian tradition of playing and teaching which gave birth to violinists as: Böhm, Joachim, Hubay, Flesch, Auer, Szigeti, Varga, Pauk, Havas, Rolland, Vegh and quartet like: Bartòk, Kodàly, Budapest, Takacs, Keller…. In Brussels’ Flemish Conservatory he deepens his interest in the Belgian school to which belong: de Beriòt, Vieuxtemps, Massart, Marsick, Sauret, Wieniawski, Ysaye, Gertler, Grumiaux.

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